What Is Funnel?

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Funnels are landing pages where you send leads generated by your ads. They are the step-by-step process that “funnels” your leads further along your customer journey with every click. They are designed to keep them on task with no other option than to go deeper down the funnel, collecting valuable information each step of the way.

The information collected from the leads can be as simple as their name, email, and phone number or it can also be transactional where they purchase directly on the page. 

The purchase option is particularly good for small to give your leads. For example, you could promote a 4 day workout plan for $27 if you are a personal trainer. Once that’s done, you’ll have collected their name, email, and phone number for the transaction and you can always call them up to offer your personal training services directly. This process here does two things: 

1. You give value to your leads before you try to get them on your personal training program. For this, you need to have an offer that actually provides value and not just something you threw together in 10 minutes.

2. It helps you cover your ad cost to generate leads. Marketing is expensive and no one likes to feel like they are wasting money. Covering the costs of your marketing with an attractive low priced offer which people can buy on impulse is a great strategy to help ease and increase your marketing budget. Take all the revenue you generate from these sales and put it right back into your marketing!

Why use a funnel as a landing page instead of a page on your website?

Funnels are designed for leads to get all the information they need to move forward with your service while also having a clear path designed for them to follow. There may be dozens of buttons all over your funnel landing page but they will all go to the same place: the next step in your funnel. This keeps the lead on purpose and moving through the customer journey process. 

Compare this with leads landing on a website page, like the funnel, they also have all the information they need to move forward with your service. The difference is that website pages offer a variety of buttons that lead in every direction on your website. More often than not, this takes the lead off purpose as they will go bounce around your website, find new information, and ultimately get distracted somewhere down the line or be unable to choose between a variety of different products or services (also known as analysis paralysis).   

2 Step Funnel

$ 1,000 One-Time Payment
  • Conversion Focused Design
  • 2 Page Funnel
  • 2 Email Automation Messages
  • Built For ClickFunnels

4 Step Funnel

$ 1,500 One-Time Payment
  • Conversion Focused Design
  • 4 Page Funnel
  • 4 Email Automation Messages
  • Built For ClickFunnels
On our onboarding call, we will:
  • Go over the timeline for your website and payments
  • Fill out our Website Building Questionnaire to learn more about your brand and the style you want for your website 
  • Answer any questions you have about our process.

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All Features

One-Time Setup

  • Create Funnel
  • Landing Page Setup & Design
  • Set Funnel Step Settings
  • Landing Page Automation
  • Create Email List
  • Create Immediate Email Notification
  • Create Delayed Email Notification
  • Add Funnel Action - Email List
  • Add Funnel Action - Send Lead
  • Thank You Page Design & Setup


Your funnel will be built and ready to launch in 1 to 2 weeks. 

These are messages that are sent automatically to users who will opt-in your funnel (normally by giving you their name, email, and phone number). 

We’ll automatically send them an email notification as soon as they opt-in then other delayed emails as a reminder to maximize potential earnings from each lead you receive. 

We will build your funnel on ClickFunnels

We’ll cover the cost of the Funnel software if we are also running ads to the campaign. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase either Google & YouTube Ads or Facebook & Instagram Ads for the funnel built. These are not included in the Funnel Building Service.

If we aren’t running ads and simply building the funnel, then you will need to purchase ClickFunnels separately. We will provide you with a link to easily and painlessly import your funnel into your own account once it is completed. 

If you are using the funnel to collect payments, you will also need to have your own ClickFunnels account. 


Usually, 2 Step Funnels are perfect for standard lead generation. If you have a webinar, coaching program, or any other offer that would require a longer marketing sequence, we recommend the 4 Step Funnel.

In order to integrate 3rd party software, you will require your own ClickFunnels account. 

We don’t currently offer chatbots but we are working on offering this service in the future. 

If you already have a chatbot, we would be happy to integrate it into your funnel. However, you would need to manage that chatbot. 

Your funnel will include:

  • The core build
  • The written content
  • Licensed stock images